Meet the Company

Dave Richards, owner

Dave has been in the construction industry for most of his life.  His dad owned a construction company for more than 35 years, until his death in 2001. Dave was a part of that company until branching off on his own in 1993 and then going into business for himself in January 2000.  Dave is well known throughout the industry for being a man of his word who takes great pride in his work.  He expects that same attitude to be evident throughout the entire company.  Dave bids most all of the projects, submitting very competitive proposals.

Ben Richards

Ben has been involved in the construction industry his entire life as well.  Ben loved going to work with his grandpa from a very young age. Ben went to work for the KC Southern Railway System in 2005 as a track laborer, quickly moving up through the ranks, running all sorts of machinery eventually becoming a tamper operator, at which he became very proficient. When Richards Construction began growing rapidly, enabling us to branch out into larger track projects, Ben left the KC Southern to go back to his roots and work for his dad.  Ben runs most of the large scale railroad track maintenance projects.

Wes Richards

Wes has also been involved in the construction industry his entire life.  Wes spent a lot of time with his dad and brothers at his grandpa’s shop, often accompanying him to job sites. Wes attended Missouri State University, coming back to KC to work for his dad.  Wes spends a great deal of his time in southern Missouri/northern Arkansas running the various track maintenance projects in that particular district. More often than not, Wes is doing many different things throughout the course of any given day, from hauling machinery to running many different pieces of heavy equipment.  Wes is considered an expert trackhoe operator, specializing in operating the car topper.

Joe Richards

Joe is the youngest son and can’t even imagine life without some sort of construction project going on around him.  Since Joe is the youngest, he didn’t get to spend as much time as his brothers on his grandpa’s job sites, but he’s more than made up for it since working for Richards Construction.  Joe is attending school part time and working full time. He enjoys working with people and is well known for working hard while at the same time, having some fun. He runs every piece of excavation equipment quite well.  Joe spends most of his time on the excavation side of the company, however he’s very knowledgeable regarding track maintenance.

Don Finter

Don has been with Richards Construction since 2005.  Don’s dad owned his own company for many years, so Don was raised around trucks and different types of machinery.  Don understands what it takes to make a small business work and he’s always more than willing to go that extra mile.  Don is in charge of all our trucks, scheduling them on various jobs and making sure the drivers adhere to all safety practices and company requirements.

4910 Gardner, Kansas City, MO 64120